#1 - Balance

Sanitizers work better in balanced water.

Borates keep water balanced, keep filters clear, and some borates are approved by the EPA to prevent algae. Adding borates to your pool routine will help to keep your water balanced and allow your to maintain a lower chlorine residual.


Winter Blue 22


Winter Blue 22

#2 - Clean

Circulation and filtration clear the way for sanitizers.

We call this Cleanation. The physical cleaning of surfaces along with proper circulation and filtration are way more important than you think.

By maintaining the hygiene of your pool water, surfaces (and swimmers), you’ll see an amazing reduction in chlorine demand.

The water is only as clean as your filters. Keep it clean and supercharged.

#3 - Remove

For clean water, remove the yuck you can’t see.

Enzymes break down the bonds ofo ils and sweat to keep sanitizers free to do their job.

Phosphates are bad for pool water. Keep them in check.

You can’t remove what you can’t filter. A good clarifier is worth its weight in gold.


Winter Blue 22

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