Winter Blue 22

Our unique formula gives you prolonged protection when the pool is closed and a head-start when you go to open.

Product Details


  • Simple, one-step product.
  • Helps lock in pH and alkalinity. Left un-locked, they can contribute to algae growth and other undesirable issues
  • Cold weather is tough on pool surfaces. Winter Blue helps extend their usefulness.
  • Protects pool surfaces from staining and scaling
  • Dissolves quickly in water
  • Treats up to 22,000 gallons in a single application
  • Added water softeners give your pool a head-start on comfort in the Spring


  • Proven technology keeps pool water clean and clear during off-season
  • Prevents staining and scaling surfaces
  • Ideal for mesh winter covers
  • Easy spring start-up, saving time and money
  • Controls staining from metals in the water

Available Sizes

30 lb box

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Winter Blue 22

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